AudioQuest Vodka 1M (3′ 4″) HDMI Cable

AudioQuest Vodka 1M (3
AudioQuest Vodka 1M (3′ 4″) HDMI Cable Detail
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AudioQuest Vodka 1M (3′ 4″) HDMI Cable Description

A Purely Intoxicating HDMI Experience An HDMI cable named Vodka better be smooth, pure and potent; fortunately, Audioquest’s Vodka HDMI is all three. Treated to the heaviest silver plating Audioquest has ever used, Vodka delivers the performance of a pure silver cable at a very reasonable price. Vodka creates vibrant, shimmering images with exquisite resolution. Speed and dynamic range are truly outstanding without sacrificing Audioquest’s legendary tonal neutrality. Midrange presence an…

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AudioQuest Vodka 1M (3